Air Rifle, Archery & Tomahawk Throwing

Air Rifle, Archery & Tomahawk Throwing

Take Aim in the Mountains

Ready for a one-of-a-kind Primland experience? Check out these unique activities waiting for you in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Practice your shooting and have a blast with our archery, air rifle, or tomahawk throwing sessions!


Take aim at a variety of bull’s-eye targets and 3D Delta McKenzie and Rinehart animal targets, including whitetail deer, black bear, woodchuck, wild turkey, wild pig and lynx. Equipment includes PSE and Bear recurve bows and Genesis compound bows, as well as Bear safety glass and Easton Jazz aluminum arrows.

Air Rifle

Practice shooting at bull’s-eye targets, balloons, Beachwood Casey spinner targets and Prairie Dog silhouettes on the air rifle range. Air guns available for rent include Daisy, Benjamin and Gamo.

Tomahawk Throwing*

For centuries, Native Americans have used tomahawks as tools. At Primland, we celebrate this local history and culture through the technique of tomahawk throwing. Experienced guides show guests the proper grip and stance in order to land the tomahawk into the target ahead of you.
*Seasonal, weather permitting

For more information or to make reservations, call the Outdoor Activities Center at 276-633-4408

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